Established in 1972, Kinney Industries has over 36 years of experience delivering a wide range of cables, wire harnesses, and electronics assembly solutions to our customers. We are dedicated to meeting our customer's needs from initial product design through end of life product support.


Kinney Industries is committed to producing and delivering the highest possible quality products through the participation of all employees in the quality process. We believe quality is achieved through the combination of excellent product design coupled with a well-trained production team possessing the right tools and equipment for the task.


Our mission is to understand the needs of our customers and to integrate a production and supply chain solution that delivers the highest value to our customers. Our wide range of capabilities allows us to select from host of production technologies to maximize production efficiencies and lower overall product cost.


We purchase material directly from the Manufacturer or through Distribution based on the needs of our customers. Our thirty-six years of experience allows us to cultivate a broad base of suppliers for the benefit our customers whether the ultimate product solution requires quick-turn material availability or low cost sources of supply.

 April 2009

Kinney Industries is pleased to announce the acquisition of the VideoJet 7310 Fiber Laser Marking System. KII’s Videojet 7310 laser is one of the most compact and versatile marking systems available today. Perfect for Direct Parts Marking (DPM) and Unique Identification (UID) applications on metals, plastics and other hard to mark materials in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices and tools markets.  Laser marking offers a competitive advantage to pad printing and silk-screening for many applications as well as offering a cost effective means for implementing component traceability.

April 2009

Kinney Industries is pleased to announce the launch of the company’s wireless product development group.  The company is focusing on ZIGBEETM wireless solutions for cable and harness manufacturer applications in addition to the company’s existing efforts to bring wireless solutions to soldier worn accessories.

March 2009

Kinney Industries is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the company’s audio distribution units.  The new ADU-32 integrates the features of the previous ADU-20 and ADU-30 products in a 1 RU chassis.  The ADU-32 incorporates a new printed circuit assembly and chassis design that allows installers to more quickly set-up complex integrated audio systems for conference room and auditorium applications.    

March 2009

 Kinney Industries is pleased to announce the acquisition and integration of the Branson 2000IW ultrasonic welder.  The unit will be used to weld plastic housings together for a wide range of applications. 

January 2009

Kinney Industries is pleased to announce the purchase of the Thomas and Betts Model 13600 hydraulic crimper and Model 25000 pneumatic crimper. “These combined crimping tools allow the company to increase our crimp range for ground and battery cables to ¾ inches in diameter and beyond in certain applications”, stated Todd Westbrook, President.   

October 2008

Kinney Industries is pleased to announce the purchase of a Komax Gamma 333 PC Crimp Machine. The Gamma 333 PC enables automated crimping of both ends of the wire, double crimp connections with three different contacts, one-ended seal application, tinning and wire marking. In addition, crimp force monitoring is integrated to ensure that the crimp perfectly meets the specification.

September 2008

Kinney Industries is pleased to announce the completion of an additional 4,000 square feet of production floor space for our Huntsville, Alabama production facility. The additional floor space will bring the company's total production area up to 15,000 square feet.

January 2008

Kinney Industries is pleased to announce the purchase of a Yuh Dak YHS-55 Vertical Injection Molding Press. The YHS-55 allows Kinney to directly support the growing plastic injection molding and connector overmolding needs of our customers.

December 2007

Kinney Industries is pleased to announce the purchase and integration of SAGE's MAS 90 as the company's ERP solution. MAS 90 offers a broad selection of feature-rich solutions including core accounting, business intelligence tools, customer relationship management, e-commerce, HR and payroll, manufacturing, and distribution.

June 2007

Kinney Industries is pleased to announce the purchase of a Cirris easy-wire 2CH Test Platform. The CH2 is designed for commercial, military, and aerospace applications requiring integrated Hi-pot and continuity cable and harness testing.